In an age of cancel culture and silencing the “opposing voice” or indeed anyone who isn’t adhering to whatever rules we have today we felt it was important to have a developer who understands, who really gets it. That’s what ResistMedia is all about. It’s not about only building “edgy” or “dangerous” sites, it’s about promoting people’s right to be heard, to congregate, to create their own space on the internet.

Whether it’s a blog-style site, a fledgeling community site or a full blown e-commerce experience we can certainly give you what you need with your own flavour. Contact us today and let us know what you’re looking for and together we can create something wonderful.

Our services include web design, video creation, audio production, and in house video production (with live streaming), hosting and more. We even offer an app development (Android only at this point) service for some customers.